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The events in Lebanon which rolled between 1990 and 2011; the swinging of the so called "co-existence" due to Syrian occupation of the country and it’s intervention in the details of political life; the divisions among the Lebanese about the Syrian role, as well as the conflicts of their sectarian leaders over Booties and power, and their escalating disputes after the year 2000 with regard to the armed Hizbollah, in addition to the prolongation of President Lahood’s mandate in 2004 plus the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005 and its repercussions ... All these issues cited me to write this book based on three problematics:

- The sectarian Coexistence claimed by the Lebanese and the converse             reality that confessionalism ...
Sheikh Zayed Book Award 2011
The Sheikh Zayed Book Award, one of the most prestigious and well-funded prizes in the Arab World, announced its winners for the year (2010-2011) .The winners were named in five distinct categories, while four other categories were withheld for this year.
تكريم الجامعة اللبنانية واللجنة الوطنية للأونسكو 9/3/2012  
تكريم الحركة الثقافية – أنطلياس 15/3/2013 
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Examining the period between the Ta’if accord and the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, one can notice the following:
1- Confessionalism remained the dominant factor in Lebanese politics and society;

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